Accessorizing your Home-Personalizing your Home Tips

Accessorizing your Home is often the most fun part of any remodeling or redecorating project. This is where Personalizing your Home really starts to make your space feel like your own. Personal touches such as heirloom pieces, or new design elements are what make your home uniquely yours. It would be boring if we all decorated and accessorized the same way, nothing would be very special about that.

Luckily each of us have different opinions and design and color choices, which allows each home, apartment, condo or cottage to be a place that celebrates ”you”. So whether you have the huge undertaking of a brand new build, or a fresh face lift project, carefully consider what items are must haves and wants. Wise choices here can result in a winner, or too much too often can result in a disappointment. Just keep in mind, that you and your family are what makes your home special.

Accessorizing your Home-Personalizing your Home Tips

Accessorizing your Home

If your lucky enough to have the opportunity to build a custom home for your family, then that is the time when you want to look at new products that are on the market today to help make your home feel special and personalized. Often we love to include some traditional or time-honoured favourites such as oak cabinets, carpeting, siding and shingles. Today the choices and options are sometimes overwhelming, but well worth looking into to see if you wish to customize your home beyond your wildest dreams.

Personalizing your home I believe needs to be done in moderation. There are those of us out there that believe they need to display or showcase every little trinket or gift that anyone has ever given them. That is not true, but it is nice to display your most treasured ones. I also think it’s a good idea to rotate your items on display, perhaps every six months move things around a bit and it gives a fresh look, as well it reminds you of something that was near and dear to you. I always think there should be some family photos displayed within the home, it just feels that this family belongs with this home, and I like that idea.

Others would prefer to de-personalize their space, believing that some items are just too personal to put on display. I would agree with this train of thought if you were listing your home for sale. If you have a habit of cluttering your home with too many personal items then when you wish to sell your home the potential buyer can’t get a feeling for the home to become their space. As I’ve said previously, everything in moderation.

Consider using the services of a design consultant if you are building your new custom dream home and with their assistance you’ll be able to look at all the possibilities in enhancing your home. Pre-made products or custom built-ins can personalize your home and during the building stage you can incorporate your upgrades into your financing package. By keeping yourself on task and making the necessary decisions when you are required to by your builder, this will make for an easier process to implement your personalized features that you are wanting.

Last but not least, I think the use of live plants, flowers or greenery is welcoming to almost any space. When you infuse some living items into your home, there is a personal connection there that says I care about my home, my family, my environment and it helps create a personalized touch. To personalize your home, speaks volumes about that special someone who happens to be You!

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