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10 Furniture Decoration Ideas to Overcome Any Small Space Problem - Home Design & Decor Idea

Small space is a challenge for everyone in case of decorating furniture. Since the room has limited space, it makes some people to think more and find some new ideas to overcome them. Various designs emerged as an answer to get the space saving decorations. Beside it does not take up much space, the design […]

10 Rustic Beauty Pictures in Hand-Crafted Wood Furniture - Home Design & Decor Idea

Hand-crafted wood furniture has a different appeal not only for lovers of furniture, but also art lovers. New perspective has been seen from some of designs shown as follows. So enjoy the natural beauty in the design. Do not imagine the design as you often see in the furniture shop. This is because the designers […]

6 Unique Furniture Design Details: Best Part for Great Look Ever - Home Design & Decor Idea

Being unique is one of best parts of a room decoration. Different and unique are meant that it could be a pride for someone in decorating the house. Unique things can be obtained from anywhere, including furniture design. Unique furniture design details have been an interesting concept from all sides. It can be from the […]

Accent Chair with Ottoman for Luxurious Accent - Home Design & Decor Idea

As a part of living room, you need to give more comfortable sofa like accent chair with ottoman. Why? When you greet someone or relax there, you will get different ornament and ambience in your room. Your guest and also your family will be impressed by your sofa. Living room in your home is one […]

All Weather Patio Furniture for Your Perfect Time - Home Design & Decor Idea

You always need patio to relax yourself or simply have a discussion with your lovely family so make sure you look at all weather patio furniture. In the four seasons country, patio should be designed carefully and totally attend to the weather. Do some research on which patio materials that lasting longer? You need comfortable […]

American Leather Comfort Sleeper Sale to Save Space in Your House - Home Design & Decor Idea

This American Leather comfort sleeper sale is in nigh time. The comfort sleeper is gorgeous furniture and also a surprisingly useful and versatile one. It is engineered in a great way so that you can have both sofa and bed in a small space. So, you can have a joyful time when you watch some […]

Antique Looking Furniture for Beautiful and Classic Decor - Home Design & Decor Idea

Want to give your house a rustic feeling? Look no further, antique looking furniture is your answer. Real antique and grandiose furniture can cost a lot and antique furniture can trouble you with its durability because it is already old when you bought it. Because nowadays, people are more attracted with modern and minimalistic furniture, […]

Architect Floor Lamp for Working - Home Design & Decor Idea

Do you like to read on your living room sofa? Do you want to have nice lighting when you want a calm and dimmer room? And do you need lighting with some style? An architect floor lamp may fulfill your need. It may look like something out of industrial revolution era. But that is the […]

Armchair Slipcovers with Stunning Patterns and Colors - Home Design & Decor Idea

It would be nice if you have a chair that has stylish touch on it and the solution is armchair slipcovers. You have an armchair but the design is common and boring. Don’t worry; you can make it into something interesting. With beautiful slipcovers you choose your armchair look will change and you have something […]

Armoire Cabinet Designed for Fashionable Character - Home Design & Decor Idea

You’re a fashionable person who likes to have many clothes, for that you can have an armoire cabinet with beautiful model for you. Not only your clothes are fashionable but also the place to save your clothes is fashionable too. The cabinet is a blend of form and function and its stylish and also practical […]

Bamboo Accent Table as One of Unique Furniture - Home Design & Decor Idea

Deciding good furniture to be put in your room is much needed. Do not afraid to choose furniture that not so many people have it. For example is bamboo accent table. It is not made from pure bamboo but you will have it with the detail of bamboo tree. It has bamboo reed legs and […]