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Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets: Eco Friendly Kitchen Cabinets - Home Design & Decor Idea

Bamboo kitchen cabinets have a lot of benefits especially benefit of the eco-friendly character of bamboo. Wooden kitchen cabinets noticeably crafted from wooden like oak, maple, and mahogany. However, there is another optional for used kitchen cabinets material based which is come from bamboo. Bamboo kitchen cabinet costs tend to be cheaper and look more […]

Black Wood Kitchen Table which Indicates Cultural Modernity - Home Design & Decor Idea

A modernity theme which is brought to your kitchen can be simply done by putting black wood kitchen table. Aside from the primary purpose of the table as dishes place, the elegant dark table can make the atmosphere of the room becomes modern looks. Black color which symbolizes mystery and protection can make the choosing […]

Brick Backsplash in the Kitchen Presented with Soft Colors Combination - Home Design & Decor Idea

How will the brick backsplash in your kitchen wall be treated to bring a beautiful atmosphere? The answer places in the color play. By putting random dark color, your kitchen surely becomes gloomy and desperate enough to bring your family eat in another location instead of using this area. Using bright color is one best […]

Bright and Colorful Kitchen Design Ideas with Yellow Color in Small Space - Home Design & Decor Idea

To make your kitchen looks different and exciting perhaps you can design it with bright and colorful kitchen design ideas with yellow color. With using yellow color design you can make your kitchen looks so cute and unique. In this kitchen review, you will get inspiration to design your kitchen with using colorful or yellow […]

Bright Kitchen Decor in Minimalist Design - Home Design & Decor Idea

When your kitchen is using small space, and you want to make your kitchen looks so perfect, you can try to design with bright kitchen Decor. With using bright kitchen colors it can make your small or minimalist kitchen is very charming. In this kitchen design review will give you some kitchen designs which have […]

Corner Kitchen Cabinet: Squeeze More Spaces - Home Design & Decor Idea

Corner kitchen cabinet is very suitable to be placed on your cramp kitchen. Regardless of all disadvantages of living in small home, there are still many ways to overcome your problem with space. Here is the inspiration of kitchen cabinet ideas to squeeze more kitchen storages with corner style kitchen cabinets. Finally, you are finding […]

Design White and Green Kitchen Interior with Quartz Countertop - Home Design & Decor Idea

It is fascinated to design white and green kitchen interior right in your home. White and green basically is very click one to another. White is a simple but neutral color that perfects to combine with any color. On the other hand, green is very natural because it is reminiscing the nature color. You can […]

Designs for the Kitchen Apron from Contemporary until Chef-Like Concept - Home Design & Decor Idea

The apron is very elemental in the kitchen life and so do the designs for the kitchen apron. The apron is a kind of fabric that used to be tied so tightly in front of the chef body to avoid the contact contamination with everything in the kitchen. It usually protects the cook from any […]

Elegant Interior Semicircular Kitchen Design with Stunning Marble - Home Design & Decor Idea

It must be very entertaining if you have an elegant interior semicircular kitchen design in your home. What is exactly the round thing? It is the kitchen island. The curved kitchen island definitely has a significant contribution to the ergonomic thing in your kitchen life. Rather than placing the rectangular island, the curved island has […]