Cleaning a Bathtub Tips

Tackling big stains, as well as getting rid of heavy buildup of dirt on tubs could be a tough job. But, there are many ways and tips on cleaning a bathtub that can be inexpensive, and effective, as well. It’s best then, to utilize these tub cleaning tips to keep your tub as good as new.



Bathtub Cleaning Tips

Now you’re ready to tackle every bit of the grime and dirt within the tub, and provide it a shine that it was always supposed to have.

  1. To keep the tub clean, utilize a bath puff where a bit of shampoo has been poured, then rub it all alongside the tub. Thoroughly rinse using water. It’ll assist in removing soap deposits, and aid in keeping its collection at bay.
  2. Scrubbing using baking soda will be an efficient method for cleaning a bathtub. Add some vinegar to the baking soda, to create a great scouring paste. Clean the tub using the paste. Let it rest for a bit, then thoroughly rinse it using warm water. It’ll assist in removing the soap collection and mildew on the bathtub.
  3. Within one quart of warm water, add one teaspoon of vinegar or lemon juice, then pour the solution within a spray bottle. Spray the tub using this cleaner, and as in the instance with every other cleaning method, let it rest for around five to ten minutes. Utilize a plastic soft brush to scrub the bathtub, in order to get rid of every bit of the grime.
  4. To scrub the grout surrounding the tub, put hydrogen peroxide on the grout, and let it rest for five minutes. Clean it using a toothbrush or grout brush, followed up by a thorough hot water rinse. Clean the tub using borax, then rinse.
  5. Many individuals have accomplished excellent results with the usage of oven cleaner. But, keep in mind when utilizing it, to avoid contact with the shower curtain or all additional fabric within your bathroom, as it’ll damage it.
  6. To scrub a tough stain, create a paste made of two parts baking soda and 1 part hydrogen peroxide, then put it onto the stain and allow it to sit for around thirty to sixty minutes. For ideal results, keep cleaning the stain using a soft sponge, as it’ll start to gradually decrease the stain. For tub drains, get rid of the drain cover, then pour in the drain cleaning agent or utilize the homemade drain cleaner. Within the mean time, clean the drain sifter using one part ammonia and three parts water. It’ll remove every bit of the calcium deposits and additional collected grime. If the holes upon the sifter are clogged, utilize a toothpick to pierce the holes, then continue scrubbing to accomplish a dazzling clean sifter, as well as a clear tub drain.

6To keep the bathtub sparkling, as well as to avoid full-fledged cleaning a bathtub sessions which drain you, keep the tub clean upon a day to day basis, by utilizing the prior mentioned easy water and vinegar solution, to avoid the unneeded oil and soap buildup, as well as to prevent mold growth.

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