Creative Ideas of Curtain Top for Living Room Design

Home is a place of entertainment for many of us. We want to come into the living room that is warm, friendly, clean, and beautiful, so many of us go on a search for the best home decoration that we can find from carpet to painting to furniture, and even the cover sofa. What about the curtains? The blinds are the things that draw attention to your window, one of the main sources of your House of light. The curtains and curtain top for living room design need to look beautiful, inviting and vibrant. There is really no need to settle for decorating curtain every day you find at your local store.

Curtain Top for Living Room Design

Curtain Top for Living Room Design

Try to design a window Spring Summit

For example, one thing you can do with curtain top for living room design is try to design a window Spring Summit. To do this, buy a few yards of fabric you love spring. Sew the pockets of the stem about an inch in thickness above it. You should make sure there is enough space between the material and the trunk to make room for some creative meetings.

Make the curtains with the sheets

Another thing you can do is make the curtains with the sheets. A nice, ironed blue bed sheet with navy rods curtains sewn to the end will make window coverings. Make sure you leave extra linen and the rod to allow enough room for the meeting. Once you hang the sheet on the window, you can buy a bumper sticker snowflake greeting card or in the general store to put on top of the sheets. Winter snowflake sparkling silver and white will give a nice winter-wonderland looking into a window.

Using a lace table cloth as a curtain

Another creative idea for curtain top living room design is to use a lace table cloth as a curtain. When you can’t find the right Lace Curtains in the curtains, there is hope in the kitchen and dining room section! There, you should be able to find all kinds of beautiful lace tablecloth that you can sew to stem and hang on your windows. You’ll be surprised if this idea can really spruce up your home.

When it comes to big curtain top for living room design ideas, there is really no limit to imagination. All types of fabric, stickers, and things around the House might make a great window decor. Because there is no imagination, there are limited curtain ideas out there to make your home look beautiful, warm, and beautiful.

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