How to Decorate a Baby’s Room

How to Decorate a Baby’s Room – One of the fun things that you can do in the run up to waiting for the new arrival, is to decorate the baby’s room.  You’ll have lots of time to visit paint and wallpaper stores, or to surf online and get ideas for décor schemes, and fun items.

Baby's Room decor

Baby’s Room decor

With baby décor, there are usually two schools of thought.  One goes for the softness of pastels, for the same purpose that they are used in adult bedrooms, which is to create an atmosphere of restfulness for sleep, since a baby does a lot of that in their first months, and you may not be getting much yourself!  The other choice, is to go for stimulating colors and items that will attract that baby’s attention as he or she begins to focus their eyes, and take in the world around them.

Whichever way you choose to go, with your wallpaper, flooring, and curtains, the actual furniture will be your basic items, and sometimes you’ll find that in choosing these, the options for the setting you put them in, fall into place all by themselves.

Baby's Room interior design

Baby’s Room interior design

Baby's Room pink design

Baby’s Room pink design

How to Decorate a Baby's Room 2

Tips to Decorate a Baby’s Room

How to Decorate a Baby's Room 3

How to Decorate a Baby’s Room

For example, if you know you are expecting a baby girl, you might choose to go for the Shabby Chic line of décor, which is basically “distressed” white finishing on your furniture choices, which makes accessories easy to choose because you won’t be limited by colors.  And best of all, the Shabby Chic style items you buy for the nursery, will do the child as she grows older, since it’s so popular.

The first concern, is a good reliable crib.  The best ones are those that have sides that can be raised and lowered, with locks that keep the child from doing it themselves as they grow.  You might also want one with the same option for the mattress, since it will be easier on your back to have it in the higher position while the baby is tiny, and lower as they start thinking about standing up.

How to Decorate a Baby's Room

Nice Baby's Room decorating

Nice Baby’s Room decorating

Tips to Decorate a Baby's Room

Tips to Decorate a Baby’s Room

Along with the crib, a dresser for clothes is a necessity.  There’s also the matter of where to change diapers, which can be solved with either a dresser top change table that simply comes off for storage when no longer needed, or you can purchase Shabby Chic change tables, with have a guard rail around the top, and shelves underneath that will come in handy for toys, as they grow.

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