How to Hang Pictures in your Home

Hanging Pictures in your home doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow my easy instructions and you to will be able to create your own Home Gallery. Whether you have family photos that you are wanting to group together, or you’ve acquired a beautiful piece of artwork, hanging pictures doesn’t have to get you ”hung up”. With laser leveling tools on the market today its easier than ever to have pictures hung straight, but sometimes you might be unsure as to the height or the grouping. There are steps to take to ensure a great result so you won’t be frustrated or disappointed with banging holes into freshly painted walls. Photos and artwork definitely bring personality and life into your space or room, so enjoy creating your own little gallery for your family and friends to enjoy.

Whether you are a collector of fine artwork, photography or stylized home decor, most importantly you should love the pieces you are going to take the time and money to frame before you display them in your home. Always consider the size and scale of the wall with the artwork you are about to hang. If the wall is a large area and you only have small-medium sized frames, then the scale will not look right to the eye, too much unused wall space surrounding it and therefore it just looks unappealing. The same can be said for placing a large piece of work on a wall space that is far too small, so remember to consider the size and scale of the wall and artwork.

I prefer to see a large picture displayed on its own, unless it is part of a set perhaps that would have two complimentary pieces to join with it. I like to see small sized pictures displayed in a grouping to give more substance to the overall result. Unless it’s a very small wall space that could only accommodate a single picture, it’s best to display them in groupings. A grouping works well when it is either a same-like series of artwork or artist or a grouping can be determined by the same colour tones of the picture or frames.

Hanging Pictures

Hanging Pictures

A popular one that I use often in decorating is black and white photography with similar toned but different frames. It makes for a wonderful visual display, and the commonality of it all is appealing to most. I use this same rule of thumb when displaying a collection as well. A series of framed or frameless plates has much more visual impact when displayed as a group then one plate here and one plate there. Our eyes are drawn to things that are easily seen and not where we are struggling or squinting to find a focal point.

Be adventurous when starting to layout your pictures for hanging. Don’t get stuck in the rut of everything cantered over something, hang it way up in the air so the birds can see it and hammer in a nail the size of a railroad spike and then it will be all done. Wrong!! Lets start over on that note. Some pictures over large pieces of furniture do look better centred but if you’re hanging more than one piece then they need to be spaced and centred appropriately.

A great suggestion when you are hanging more than one picture on a particular wall is to lay the pictures on the floor in a pattern, stand back and see how you like it. This gives you the opportunity to move them around and try different layouts without banging holes in the wall. For people that have trouble visualizing how something will look this is a great idea. For others they might find it necessary to cut a template of the pictures you want to hang and gently tape them to the wall so as to better visualize if they like the placement as well. Even if you are picture hanging challenged you’ll be able to do this and be happy with the final result.

Pictures don’t always have to be displayed on a wall. Perhaps with a very special piece you might want to display the picture on a decorative easel. Easels are becoming more popular today and come in a variety of finishes such as wood, bamboo or wrought iron. Pictures hung on opposite walls from a mirror can also add an element of surprise when you see the reflection. Always remember pictures are presented at their best when hung at eye level or slightly lower.

If you have to tilt your chin up or move your eyes towards the ceiling then you know you’ve missed the mark for hanging your pictures. There are circumstances where I’ve hung pictures higher but it has been because I was working with a larger grouping. Stand back when you are finished and see if you like how it looks, walk out of the room and re-enter it and see how the pictures look from that approach. Spotlighting specific pictures adds an extra air of drama to the display area, particularly at night when your artwork or pictures will definitely be the showcasing star.

Tools of the trade are important as well. You don’t require spikes or sledge hammers to hang your pictures. Ensure the wires or hooks are securely fastened to your framework, the wires are bound and tied off tightly and use the appropriate nails and hook sizes for your particular piece. If you don’t have a laser measure to pinpoint where you want to nail then use your trusty tape measure, stud finder (if necessary) and level. When you have figured out the location of where your picture is to be hung, look at the middle of your wire and pull up on it and the distance from the wire to the top of your frame is how far down you should drop in order to hammer in your nail.

So there is no need to get Hung Up on Hanging, follow a few of these suggestions and you will have created a wonderful Home Gallery all by yourself.

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