How to organize Your Desk: Pull it together!

How to organize Your Desk: Pull it together! – If a person finds himself or herself rummaging through dozens of folders just to locate one document or having so many phone numbers of people they do not even know, then it is a possible case of organizing system disaster.

The problem with most people is that they always insist that they do not have time to fix or clear their work desk. The problem is with all the clutter and the mess displayed right on his or her desk. These people end up making mistakes which could have been avoided if things had been well organized.  Now, This is info how to organize desk :

How to organize Your Desk

How to organize Your Desk

Here is a list of some tips that can help people put everything in order in their desk:

  1. Use websites: To avoid messy papers of various contact numbers on the desk, it is best to place them on websites that offer free online address books. Take advantage of e-mail software that comes with an address book feature like Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Separate contacts : Have one address book for personal contacts, another for work contacts.
  3. Update regularly : It is best if an individual can update his or her address book regularly, and do it right away when he or she is informed of a change in phone number or address.
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How to organize desk

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For files and documents

  1. People should learn how to set up file folders so that they would no longer waste time searching for papers.
  2. Categorize files. Use clear book folders, label the tabs and arrange alphabetically.
  3. Do not overload filing cabinets so that one can still access files effortlessly.
  4. Purge regularly, and throw out files that are no longer needed. Unused files only make the clutter more intense.
  5. A person should learn to put things back after he or she is through with them.
  6. Never open files simultaneously. This may lead to misplacement of documents. It is better dor one to work on one file at a time.
  7. Segregate each file type. Try to separate them according to their use and function.
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Organize desk at work

How to organize Your Desk at work

Desk organization Idea

Desk organization Idea

For calendar and appointments

  1. Use only one master calendar to eliminate too many papers for scheduling on the desk. Also try to use the same calendar to record work appointments, personal dates, and family affairs.
  2. Throw away stick-it notes after the task or appointment has been done. This will eliminate the cluttered appearance on one’s desk.
  3. The bottom line is that keeping things organized on the desk or in the work space will allow a more convenient and more relaxed working area. Clutter and mess only create tension that may affect one’s output.
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How to organize desk at work

How to organize desk at work

How to organize desk at work

How to organize desk at work

As they say, an organized desk reflects an organized life.

That info about : how to organize desk at work. I hope helpully.

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