Most Inspiring and Creative Designs of Living Space

What kind of interior design do you want to make your living room looks and feels special? Instead of using neutral colors for your living room, try to be creative in making your living room looks more adorable. We have lots of ideas about decorating a living room with incredible things. Since decorating living room is so important we need to add special things to that room, and here are how to use special things to beautify your living room and impress your guests.

warm earthy decor

Warm earthy decor nice color combinations

Don’t you think your earth is so gorgeous with its impressive color combinations? Your living room will be as pretty as our earth if you know how to combine some warm earthy colored decorations. Our recommendation is using neutral colors for the walls, floor, and sofas. Then add wooden tables around the sofas. Red accent chair; cushions in orange, green, and colorful colors; also unique wall décor are going to perfect your living room interior in creative way.

luxury chandelier

Luxury chandelier unique design

The presence of luxury chandelier is going to make a living room where the chandelier hung looks awesome. If possible, you can try finding chandelier that has very special and unique design. The cost of this extremely special chandelier is not cheap, at all, but this luxury chandelier that your guests won’t find in other living rooms will get them impressed. Hang the luxury chandelier right in the center of your living room.

facebook theme living room

Facebook theme living room with two dominant colors: blue and white

What about applying a theme to a living room? It is even better. But, what theme is great for living room? We’re sure you have a Facebook account, why don’t you deliver the beauty of Facebook to your living room. Facebook has only two dominant colors: blue and white. So pick furniture that has only blue and white colors on them. Then put them on white floor that has blue rug. Spread the logo of Facebook on your living room wall. This creative living room decoration is incredible.

gray platform sofas

Gray platform sofas

Using grey platform sofas is the next way to decorate living room in creative way. The grey sofas will look amazing when they are placed in a living room with light brown wooden floor and huge glass windows that showing the beauty of garden outside. For the cushions, put a black, a grey, a yellow, and a patterned cushion on each sofa. Low white coffee table will neutralize the room.

ultra modern living room

Ultra modern living room

You’ll own the most amazing living room by combining only black and white colors for the room with some accent colors only as accessories. For example, use black for the leather sofas, black and white also strips for the rug on the floor, and white for the statue you can use to decorate your living room. Black wallpaper for accent on the white wall, small white ceiling lamps, and black lampshade for the floor lamp are going to be awesome.

cozy artistic living room

cozy and artistic living room interior design

If the ultra-modern styled living room above is not what you want try cozy and artistic living room interior design by covering the floor of your living room with light brown wooden flooring. Then add animal rug on the floor, but not under any furniture. For the furniture itself, put low white modern coffee table in front of brown sectional sofa. Then put stripped and white cushions on the sofa.

light hardwood floors

Light hardwood floors, it’s perfect in light color.

Whatever furniture you put in your living room, it will be perfect with hardwood flooring in light color. Light colored hardwood flooring will be amazing with black sectional sofa with black cushions, white chairs, and grey coffee table. Gorgeous chandelier on the white ceiling over the hardwood flooring will increase the room’s beauty.

small modern living room

Modern living room with small space

If your living room is small, we can help you make your small living room looks more amazing by placing dark colored sectional sofa like navy colored sectional sofa or the black one. Then put three or four cushions on the sofa. Use pillowcase in different pattern for each cushion but make sure that those cushions have the same color even though their patterns are different.

open floorplan living room

Use open floorplan living room design, if the house too small

Another idea for a small living room is applying open floorplan for the room. If the house is too small for walls to separate all rooms, it is better to share a room for two different functions like sharing living room with dining room or living room with kitchen. You’re free to put something to separate the living space from dining space like using artistic bookshelf or let both spaces merge.

pop culture living room

Pop culture living room

Decorating a living room with amazing design is not simple especially if the room is too small. But we have some inspirations here to create amazing room.

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