Lighting for Interior Design and Decorating

For Interior Design and Decorating offers two wonderful results. The ability to see better when doing a task or it exudes a feeling within a space. The thoughtful and careful placement of your lighting you can create great working spaces and in the areas of your home where you would like you can enjoy mood lighting as well. Choices for lighting today are ceiling fans, chandeliers, floor lamps, pendant lights, table lamps and more. There are so many choices today that its easy to become overwhelmed and confused quickly. But don’t despair, with the assistance of the staff at your local lighting store, researching the internet and assistance of a friend or two, you will come to a decision that works well for you and your home.

wonderful lighting

cool light bulbs – wonderful lighting

To start I’ll give you a list of the different types of lighting that one might particularly find in a home today. Whether your doing just one room or the entire house I hope you will find the following categories to be helpful in zeroing in on the exact lighting you might require. Bathroom/Vanity, Wall Sconces, Chandeliers, Track/Down Lighting, Accent Lighting, Table/Floor Lamps, Task Lighting and Ceiling Fans.

Chandeliers are making their way into other areas of the home other than just the dining room. With homes becoming larger and grander in scale and decor, a chandelier can be the perfect lighting choice for bedrooms or foyer. Chandeliers today don’t always have to be crystal, but other alternatives are coloured glass or a chandelier bulb with a small coordinating shade. Finishes can come in different metals such as pewter, brass, nickel or wrought iron in colours such as black or bronzed brown. Make sure your chandelier’s size is the right scale for your particular room.

Table and Floor lamps come in all shapes and sizes. There is a lamp that fits any lifestyle choice, budget, and colour scheme. A floor lamp is a good choice for a room where you want to give some overall lighting to the space, and it doesn’t have to provide lighting for a specific space. A table lamp obviously goes on a side table of some sort whether it is in a bedroom or beside a couch or chair. This lamp is usually chosen to provide reading light and should be slightly higher than the level of a persons eyes, that way the light can flood out onto the pages for reading. Sometimes a tri-light bulb can be used in the table lamp which can give you options for lighting which is great if different members of your family are using that seat for reading or crafts that type of thing. Some of us need a little more light than others or sometimes we just need to get reading glasses.

Adjustable Arc Sconce with Floor Lamp

Adjustable Arc Sconce with Floor Lamp

Wall Sconces can be like little jewels accenting or discreetly lighting a specific area. They look lovely on either side of a fireplace, along a hallway, or beside a bathroom vanity. They come in a variety of colours, finishes, designs and illumination so there is probably a sconce that will work well for you. The lighting for the most part is subdued and the light can be projected either upward or downward depending on the style you have chosen. It’s important to calculate where you want this spotlight to be directed and pick out a style accordingly. They are a wonderful classic feature dating back for centuries only to be reborn again in fantastic designs.

bathroom vanity mirror

bathroom vanity mirror and lighting

Bathroom and Vanity lighting is an important part of bathroom decor. The bathroom is not only a place to wash up and brush our teeth but we use it to style and groom ourselves. Without adequate lighting a dimly lit bathroom can be a chore not a pleasure to get ready in. Ideally the placement of the lights should be above the mirror on the wall and I always ask that my clients use a soft white bulb as the clear bulbs cast a yellowish glow all over the room and onto your face as well. If you are lucky enough to have a skylight or a window, then you might not need any other lighting than the vanity lights. If you are without a natural light source you might want to consider some recessed lights to brighten the space as well.

Remember to be careful with your wall colour in the bathroom so as not to have that colour reflecting onto your skin tone as well. A wall sconce could be placed near the commode or near a luxurious sunken tub; a softer diffused lighting is adequate in these cases. My biggest pet peeve with builders is, make sure the electrical outlet for your fixture is centred over the tap and sink area or the mirror, whichever is greater. You will limit your choices if you are working with an off centred electrical outlet.

Track lighting has come a long way from the big bulky heads that looked more like large spotlights than an indiscreet bulb. The beauty of track lighting is not only because it is easy to install but also for the most part it doesn’t hurt the pocketbook too bad either. Track lighting can be great for kitchens, hallways, closets and highlighting artwork or collectables. Track lights can blend in with most ceilings if you select a white colour or if your wanting to make a statement they also come in metal finishes or black. Track lighting should never be used in a space with less than 8′ ceiling heights; one wouldn’t want to have their head bumped on a hot light. Down lighting can be achieved from a pendant style fixture or from a recessed lighting application. Down lighting is best when you want to highlight a specific item or area. Recessed lighting in a kitchen area works well in combination with some pendant lighting or task lighting over the sink or island area. A dining room fixture can have both an up light and a down light and this gives you options to provide overall light to your space or highlighting.

Dinning room lighting

Task lighting would be most used in a home office or den, where reading or doing specific task work requires not only good eyesight but good task lighting as well. In the kitchen over the workspace would be another area where task lighting must be at its best. There are several desk lamps that provide good light with the option of halogen or florescent bulbs. This will probably be a personal choice as to which lighting you prefer. Just be sure to not encourage eye strain by having the wrong lighting in your room.

Ceiling fans have come a long way in the design and function area as well. Today you may have a ceiling fan with or without a light kit attached to it. If you are choosing to replace an existing ceiling light perhaps with a ceiling fan, but want to still have lighting, there are several lights kits on the market that will interchange and work well with your fan choice. You will probably need additional lighting other than the ceiling fan as it gives an overall light to the room it is not designed to be direct or task lighting. You will probably be able to find matching table lamps with your ceiling fan if you so wish, or if you want to mix things up a bit its ok to do that as well. Great news for the men here, remotes are now available on most models so that’s got to get them excited!

Ceiling with lamp

One thing about Lighting is there are options and choices galore. Remember, with a flick of a switch, you can create magic in your own home.


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