MCNY House lounge area

The MCNY House is a contemporary residence that brilliantly combines the rough materials as part of its main design. Where the house is built at is most likely another reason why such design approach is taken. Situated on an expansive natural landscape, you can see how this MCNY House creates a truly impeccable exterior look, […]

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vertical garden divider

This Can Tho House is a wonderful example for you who wish to embrace the tranquility as part of your modern interior design style. Incorporating the prominent characteristics of modern design style, this residence also introduces the simplistic Zen-inspired touch you can see for clearly in the bedroom along with natural green plants to boost […]

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industrial living room with classical color accents

Many prosperous designers and artist are competing to draw living room designs that are innovative and fascinating. The things also happen in the design of the interior decoration. If you try to find popular living room design in magazines you can easily find a modern room design that features an awesome mid-century chair design. You […]

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futuristic decor

Modern living room can be defined as a space that promotes a functional and practical in principle. Shape or design is not a major focus in the concept. Therefore, shapes and designs owned by the modern concept are usually more simple and compact. After further having a further study to the concept of a modern […]

wooden cupboard

Wooden cupboard is one of the most outstanding interventions in the human civilization. We buy a lot of things over time so that a need for adequate storage increases overtime too. This need can be easily dealt with quality wooden cupboard. This is because the strong material, from which this furniture is made of, will […]

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wicker baskets with handles

Wicker chests are great options when you want to add a new look of your home or even change it entirely, or just want better storage. What makes wicker chests worth considering is that they, first of all, easy to maintain. When your cupboard is made of wood, you must perform rather careful and time-consuming […]

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living room with amazing natural view

What is happening to the stylish modern concept of a house? It can be demonstrated through some aspects but the absolute feel to get is bright, cozy, and comfortable. To easily get the point on how to create a bright, cozy, and comfortable, it is needed some pictures as ideas to start redecorating certain rooms […]

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White Storage Cupboard

White cupboard can be another option for your kitchen or other room in your home. When you are getting bored with the old look in your home or kitchen, you can consider renovating your kitchen. In renovating the kitchen, you do not need to change the entire kitchen. If your budget is limited, then you […]

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bold floral living room mural

Imagine if blank wall is a canvas, homeowners can paint the wall with a touch of typical contemporary artwork. Do not let the wall in the living room looks empty and unattractive. When deciding to use the concept of contemporary or modern in the living room, it never hurts to decorate the walls with artwork […]

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wall cupboards for home office

Wall cupboards can be the best option for your home. The main function of the wall cupboards for your home is for storing your items. These cupboards have various functions according to the place where you put them. Some people use the cupboards in the kitchen or in the dining room. These cupboards are used […]

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Tambour cupboards

Tambour cupboards are one of the most important aspects in your office or home. The main function of this cabinet or cupboards is for the storage purpose. If you are looking for the cupboards which you can use to store your documents and items, you can buy the tambour cupboards. For your information, the cupboards […]

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wicker baskets with handles

Storage bench with baskets can be a good item you can add into your home because it is made with combining of beautiful look and functionality. This collection is becoming popular today because its presence can enhance the look of your room in a good way. If you are interested in having this storage bench […]

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