Reglazing a Bathtub – Tips for Doing it Right

If your bathroom does look like you have last remodeled it in the 1970’s, then it is definitely time for a change. Reglazing the bathtub can offer a fresh appearance to your bathroom and it will also save you from all the troubles you may face when buying and installing a new one. You should also be cautious about costs, since replacing a bathtub can go up to $1000. Some other terms that refer to bathtub reglazing are resurfacing and refinishing.

Reglazing a bathtub is a chemical process, so you should make sure your bathroom is properly ventilated before starting work. You should also equip yourself with safety gloves and goggles in order to avoid contact with toxic substances. After completing the reglazing process, it may take up to 72 hours before you can use the bathtub again.

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When deciding to reglaze your bathtub, one of the choices you have is to buy a reglazing kit that contains all the materials you need for doing the job right. These kits include cleaning solutions that will help you remove all oils and soaps from the bathtub surface, preparing it for the actual reglazing. Don’t forget to mask the area of the tub that will not be refinished, to protect it from getting too dirty. You can use paper and tape for this, making sure that you seal it well.

The process of reglazing your bathtub begins with stripping off the existing coat, which was applied by the manufacturer. By using a scraper, you can remove all traces of the coat. Rinse the bathtub carefully and apply sand while still damp. Next, you should clean the surface with an industrial cleaner, which will be useful in cleaning off all stains and dirt.

Using a waterproof body filler, begin to repair the surface of the tub and sand it against the fabric until smooth. Now, remove all dust and dirt from the tub and wash it with water or again with an industrial cleaner. You have reached the part where you apply the new coat to the tub. Make sure you keep the room ventilated and that you don’t inhale toxic substances.

Follow the product manufacturer’s directions for mixing the primary components exactly. You should use a spray gun to apply the coat to your tub. The top coat should be applied after the primer one has been allowed to dry for at least half an hour. Apply it by following the instructions and leave it approximately 48-72 hours to dry completely. Congratulations! You now have a reglazed bathtub that will prove to be a significant upgrade for the aspect of your bathroom.

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