Simple Bay Window Curtain Designs

Bay windows are lovely to look and even lovelier when they are dressed properly with the right bay window curtains. With a variety of fabrics and materials to choose from your creativity will surely result to a very stunning window.

window curtain designs

window curtain designs

Lots of bay window designs can be done for your bay window curtains from traditional to contemporary. The traditional designs are those of swags and valances with tails that are tied back with a simple cord or a tassel.

They are  a little bit expensive since you will be using more fabric but if you really want that old look in the room then this is the way you going. When you are on a budget, make the swags like it’s a scarf on the poles.

Pleated designs for bay window curtains are timeless that have come in different variations from simple pencil pleats to double, triple or goblet pleats. The best thing about it is that they can be made to fit perfectly to your bay window. You can have a shaped edge or a straight edge all the way from the top down to the window sill. In case you want to change the look of the room by simply changing the fabric to a new design and you get a new look all together.

Using a flexible track of course is the easiest way to hang bay window curtains. There are also rods which can be cut to fit or you can have them custom made to have a durable rod especially when you are planning to hang layers of fabrics. In case you want to go modern, do away with the bay window curtains and use modern Roman shades and blinds for bay windows.

These give a warm and cleaner view over bay window curtains and most of all they are very inexpensive.

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