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Bathroom Backsplash with Trendy Pattern and Color - BACA SELENGKAPNYA

When it comes to choosing the right bathroom backsplash you need to make a good decision which can expresses your preference and taste. Perhaps you want to make your bathroom become a trendy room with modern concept, or you want to get a lovely decoration without any crowded pattern. If that so, choosing the right […]

Bathroom Wall Tile Ideas Using Glass Tile - BACA SELENGKAPNYA

Your bathroom will be more beautiful if you apply some bathroom wall tile ideas included in the decoration. Bathroom is needed to perform well since everyone uses it every day. To make it looks perfect and to protect the wall from humid climate inside the bathroom, tile wall is essential. In modern ear, tile wall […]

Tile for Bathroom; Small, Medium, and Big As Backsplash - BACA SELENGKAPNYA

There is no end to talk about the tile for bathroom sine its design are so many and still increasing till now. For every style of bathroom, you can use every style of wall tile too. Commonly, you see the bathroom tile in different size that can be classified into small, medium and big size […]