Tub Reglazing – How to Do It without Hassle

Doing major improvement work in your bathroom can be a time-consuming task and a very costly one. If you want to give your bathroom a quick makeover, you can start by a DIY tub reglazing. This is a relatively affordable way of getting you the feeling of a new tub without the price tag of replacing it.

You will need several things in order to begin work. Make sure you equip yourself with a ventilation system (you can rent one at your local hardware store), body filler, HVLP sprayer (you can rent this one as well), palmer sander, shop vac, frog tape and plastic garbage bags.



First, you will have to remove all things around your tub. Open the window of the bathroom if you have one and cover everything else with plastic or newspapers. Remember to remove everything that is not in a drawer, including pictures, rugs or baskets.

Next, remove all the plumbing fixtures located on the tub, including the faucets, drain and shower head, in order to protect them from the action of the chemical substances that can ruin them. If the toilet is in the way of the tub, you should remove it as well. If it is not, do not forget to cover it with plastic bags as well.

With a razor blade, scrape off the caulking around the tub area. Cover all the tiles near the tub in plastic, securing it with a strong type of tape. Clean the tub well using an industrial strength cleaner, rinse it well and allow drying completely. Use a palm-sander to clean all the hard water stains on the surface of the tub and get rid of all remaining dust particles with a shop vac.

Then you will have to spray hydrofluoric acid on the entire surface of the tub and leave to stand for approximately 10 minutes. Don’t forget to wear rubber gloves when doing this. Scrub the tub with sandpaper, rinse well and allow it to dry completely. If the tub is totally dry, use the body-filler to fill in all the chips and cracks. Allow it to dry and smooth the surface out by using a palm sander. Clean all the resulting dust a shop vac. Wipe all the tub surface well with a damp cloth and let it dry again.

The final and most important step of tub reglazing is, obviously, the application of glaze with a sprayer. It is very important to let it dry for at least 48 hours. Tub glazing is available is a variety of colors and you can purchase it in bath specialty stores or general home improvement stores.

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